Gammick Studios is a videogame development studio based in Barcelona with an experienced team with a lot of creative talent, new ideas and ambition.

The Studios games are aimed at the casual consumer, focusing their efforts in producing original, amusing and high quality games for different platforms.



Abylight, a videogame company based in Barcelona, was founded in 2004 by 4 professionals with more than 20 years of experience.

Since its creation, Abylight has developed 11 successful Mobile Phone games, which includes the latest 2 editions of the Dakar rally championship published by Electronic Arts. All Abylight products are developed in-house, including conception, design, development, Q.A. and porting.

The company is now focusing on the development of console games, including the Nintendo DS platform.

The owners of the company also founded two previous and successful game companies: Bit Managers and New Frontier. They have huge experience in different platforms. They started with the first 8 bit computers (Spectrum, Amstrad, MSX), followed by the 8 bit consoles (NES, Game Boy / Color, Master System, Game Gear, NES). After that they worked for more powerful consoles (SNES, Playstation, Game Boy Advance) and even Coin-Op. All in all, they have participated in more than 50 successfully published games.



EnjoyUp Games is an innovative videogame development Studio. The company started with a team that has more than 10 years experience in the entertainment sector and whose goal is to revolutionize the concept of the videogame. The aim of EnjoyUp is always to create new and enjoyable ways to play.

Their philosophy is to create new products that bring new feelings to the player. This goal has been achieved with their latest ambitious and original project for Nintendo DS, an amazing videogame where the action takes place on two screens and, at the same time, adopts a new time concept.



Shanblue Interactive is an International multiplatform development studio founded in 2006 and based in Valencia (SPAIN).

With a team of highly skilled professionals and strong business partners, Shanblue aims to become a worldwide player in the videogame industry by creating high quality, easy to play games.



Freedom Factory Studios is a new development studio based in Madrid. Their aim is to become a main player in the multiplatform game development world. The company is led by a passionate game developer with more than 15 years experience as creative director, producer and manager.

With a proven track record in game development, including 11 award winning titles, the team consists of a hardcore of talented developers with more than 12 years experience.

The studio focuses on the playability and attempts to offer new game experiencies in every product developed.


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