Gammick Entertainment S.L. is the result of the successful evolution on the videogames world of Grupo Planeta. The company appeared as a natural response to the production needs on interactive leisure that have come up in the last years at an international level.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Gammick was born in early 2007 as a Grupo Planeta spin-off company. Planeta’s objective was to create the first Spanish company entirely dedicated to producing videogames including creation, supervision and financing.

After one year and a half since its establishment, Gammick Entretainment's good combination of profitability and quality in its productions has turned up to a be a successful policy, and it has become one of the most well-known producers in Spain. The great success of its titles at an international level regarding quality and sales has allowed some of its executives to gain the full business control. Dissociated the producer from Grupo Planeta who helped to rise it up, Gammick Entertainment is currently the first Spanish independent videogame producer and one of the companies with greatest international projection in this industry.


In 1997 Grupo Planeta, which is one of the largest communication groups in the Spanish-speaking world, created a division of interactive products in order to fulfil an increasing demand for digital leisure. For many years, under the name of Planeta DeAgostini Interactive, the company was in charge of distributing products of first brands such as Disney, Warner or Sega in Spain.

The initiative ended up being a big success and the company started to set part of its budget to the production of Spanish projects. This gave rise to hits as big as the awarded graphic adventure Fenimore Fillmore: the Westerner or the top-sales saga PC Football.

Having decided to expand and to diversify its activity in a market that had shown to be very profitable, Grupo Planeta decided to start a pioneer initiative. For that reason, it created a spin-off from its distributing division and, making use of the synergies of different companies of the group, it created the first Spanish company entirely dedicated to the production of videogames.

Gammick Entertainment S.L. was born.


The good setting up of the company has brought great results in only one year and a half. Once the start-up of Gammick Entertainment is completed, and thanks to its international projection, its executives have decided to continue the company's activity independently .

Regarding this, in October 2008 a Management Buy-Out (MBO) has been carried out by some of the agents of the company. This new situation turns Gammick Entertainment, S.L. into the first Spanish independent videogame company, with a reference catalogue of great projection, and an increasing production line up that will be released along 2011.


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